Is your PC or Laptop is running much slower than it should?
Has it been infected with a Virus? Got a Connection problem?
Has the Web Browser stopped working or you are redirected to a spam site?
Has your Laptop been damaged or Ceased to function?
Want to upgrade your PC memory to improve its speed?
Fed up with waiting ages to do things that used to take minutes?
  Contact: Baz Brennan on 077 2469 0777 or email to
I have over 20 years computer experience and I will try my best to help you.
Local Visits, Repairs in-situ. Complete Discretion, Reasonable Rates.
Netbook Repair Hard Drives Laptop Repair
Memory Upgrades Anti-Virus, Clean-Up & Debug,
Repairs, Upgrades, Memory,
Hard Drives, Graphic Cards,
for PC and Laptop.
Laptop Memory
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